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M Power recently launched its own speakers' agency because of the need in the market place for speakers known for their speaking not their sporting prowess. M Power speakers present a wide range of topics to suit a wide range of audiences. M Power has speakers, MCs and comperes for all occasions and budgets.

Carolyn Blackman
  • Horticulturist – Guest Speaker

Carolyn Blackman can talk gardening till the cows come home.

A qualified horticulturist who now works as a garden designer, Carolyn is a former Channel 7 presenter and can currently be heard on ABC 774 on Saturday mornings with garden and design talkback. She has plenty of experience as a practising designer as well as a speaker and presenter throughout Australia.

Her company, Vivid Design has been awarded multiple gold medals and City of Melbourne ‘Best in Show’ award for landscape design at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

She is regularly in demand to speak on such topics as “the benefits of a great garden in the work place – inside and out”, “adding value to real estate with landscaping”, “design your garden for lower water consumption” and “your garden and your health.”

Carolyn can engage small intimate groups and invite audience participation or has presented to groups as large as 500.

Whatever your flora presentation requirements, Carolyn is sure to have a topic to brighten your day.



Jan Claire
  • Speaker, host or presenter
  • Master of ceremonies / compere

Jan Claire hosts dinners, conferences, launches, fundraisers, fashion parades and shopping centre appearances. Give her a microphone and an audience, and she's in her element.

From 'Gown of the Year' galas to guiding tour groups - Jan talks for a living.

Her style is always friendly, engaging and humorous. She builds a relaxed environment which suits lengthy presentations, or she can create a more formal atmosphere if your function requires it.

Jan is the ideal host or speaker for all sorts of functions and is especially popular with groups of women. She invites interaction and the natural rapport she builds always gets the audience 'in'.

With her varied experiences in food, wine and hospitality and the glamour of the fashion industry - Jan has a repertoire of stories and an ad-lib talent to connect with any group in any environment.

Speaking topics:

1. From camp cook to compere

A humorous journey from feeding tourists in the outback to the glamour, gorgeous girls and behind the scenes secrets of the fashion catwalks.

2. Public Speaking

The six jobs that qualify as pre-requisites. (You don't just wake up one day and decide to talk for a living!)

3. Can't stop now - I'm shopping, talking and cooking.

A humorous reflection on a varied work history as camping tour cook; tour hostess to factory outlets; radio DJ and microphone spruiker - all the jobs where the gift of the gab gets you there!



Rhett Martin
  • Speaker and trainer

As a former lawyer, full time lecturer in banking and commercial law, current Chairman of the Australian Shakespeare Company and Director of the private company Sustainable Energy Development Corporation, Rhett Martin has a lot he can talk about with knowledge and credibility.

While Rhett is a witty and entertaining speaker, the message is a serious one. Banking practice, corporate compliance issues, occupational health and safety, arts administration, conservation issues, commercial law and the consumer and energy issues in the 21st Century are all informative subjects which audiences/companies may be called upon to know more about.

When a presentation is required to be informative and topical, Rhett Martin can present the information in a knowledgeable and interesting manner.



Geoffrey McDonald
  • Seminar or conference facilitator

No matter what business you're in, a Geoff McDonald presentation or a longer workshop will engage your staff or industry group, and motivate them to greater innovation and creativity.

Geoff presents a thought-provoking seven-point framework for re-inventing your products and services to transform your business.

He began exploring the effects of new technology in 1984 when confronted by the impact of computer technology on his future as an architect. He has been exploring this ever since. He'll work with you to dissect innovation and technological change as it is affecting your business and your industry.

In any business environment he is topical and provocative. He motivates by challenging his audience.

What are you doing about creating new products and services? Where is your industry headed and what opportunities lie ahead?

Speaking topics:

1. Technological change running rampant! What's going on?

Cars that drive themselves; Refrigerators connected to the internet; Toilets that do the jobs of doctors; Clothes that play music. What's going on?

Technological change is running rampant and changing our lives like never before. Communications technology is destroying our privacy. Global media is shaping our traditional values. Electronic connections are making the world go faster and faster.

What are we to do in this maelstrom of change? Awareness of what is going on is the first step to effective action.

Geoff McDonald presents a simple seven-point framework for comprehending the driving forces behind today's technological change.

2. Every new thing

Would you like to invent new products and services to transform your industry and make your organisation the market leader?

In a business world of instantaneous communication, global competition and evaporating product lifecycles - if you are not doing so you are probably losing customers and may even be going out of business.

Netscape invented the first web browser but then stopped and disappeared. Atari was world leader in computer games technology and now no longer exists.

On the other hand, Apple reinvented the computer with the iMac and saved its business. The Sony Walkman created a revolution in entertainment and launched the company in a new direction. 3M invents new products for new markets everyday.

What are you doing about innovation and the future of your business?

Geoff McDonald presents a simple seven-point framework for you to re-invent your products and services to transform your market. He answers your questions on where your industry is heading and the opportunities that may lie ahead.



Pauline McDonald
  • Master of ceremonies, event host

Pauline McDonald has a voice you may have heard a hundred times. She has read the morning news on radio Triple M for the past six years.

But in addition to her polished and professional radio presentation she is an engaging and creative presenter, host or MC who can adapt her skills to suit the mood of any public event or function.

Her daily radio work frequently takes her from an ad-lib dialogue with some of Australia's wittiest radio presenters to the serious, occasionally sombre task of newsreading. Just as she makes the seamless transition from radio entertainer to radio journalist each day, she can monitor and nurture the mood of a live audience.

Pauline is in her element, whether working as a passive or an interactive presenter - the perfect host for your next major social or business event.



Mike McLean
  • Speaker, particularly sports functions and awards nights
  • Seminar or conference facilitator
  • Master of ceremonies

Mike McLean is one of the voices of Radio Triple M's popular football coverage -keeping the structure of the game-day broadcast together amid the likes of AFL legends Dermott Brereton, Sam Newman and Brian Taylor.

As a speaker and facilitator Mike is entertaining and informative. His passion is sport, while his interactive presentations cover other topics including sales management, marketing, dealing with the media and achieving success in small business.

He is the ideal MC or after-dinner speaker for sports functions, but presents with equal authority in a business environment, always providing his audience with the message - that if you really want to succeed - you will.

Speaking topics:

1. Sport

2. Sales training and successful sales management

3. Small business success

4. Dealing with the media

5. Public speaking



Richard Neal
  • Master of ceremonies, event host

Richard Neal is the MC or facilitator for all occasions … the consummate Master of Ceremonies.

He's charming, professional and debonair with an easy authority that is probably drawn from his 20 years as an actor. His television roles over two decades include Blue Heelers, Stingers, The Flying Doctors, Good Guys Bad Guys, Neighbours, A Country Practice, Janus, Alice to Nowhere and MDA.

His hosting and facilitation experience extends to international conferences. His vast and varied background combined with his extremely personable hosting style will ensure your audience will be entertained, your event will run to plan, will be enjoyed and remembered.



Louisa Di Pietro

  • Keynote speaker

Louisa is an engaging inspirational speaker with the ability to motivate and encourage any audience.

Living with the chronic illness of Thalassaemia, Louisa speaks regularly on behalf of her cause – HUGS, to the medical industry and the corporate world.

She has an open and honest personality, using interactive topics such as “This is the day!”, “Is complacency in life arrogance?” and “I can climb a mountain…” and feels she gains as much motivation from her presentation as she gives.

Listening to Louisa speak is sure to make a difference to you.



Ben Price
  • Impersonator

Ben Price is Australia's best impersonator, with over 10 years of performing over 50 national and international personalities.

Apart from regular appearances on Melbourne radio and national television programmes, (you can hear him as Bracksy on Gold FM each morning), Ben has also performed to sellout crowds at Melbourne Comedy Festival events for the past several years.

With impersonations in voice, full costume and make-up, Ben has performed tailor made material in some of the worlds premier comedy venues to corporate audiences around the globe.

Appearing as anyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Steve Bracks, from John Howard to Dr Evil, or a combination, Ben has the personality for your event!



Craig Shepherd
  • Key Note Speaker

Craig Shepherd is not like any other economist. The young, Monaro driving, blonde-tipped Aussie bloke likes to confront and challenge his audiences by taking the extreme position on a number of economic issues. 

Craig is the Principal Economist of the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR), a leading economic research and forecasting consultancy which is regularly engaged by government and the private sector.

NIEIR was formed in 1984 and has developed a suite of econometric models which give it a leading edge capability in national, state, regional and local area economic analysis.

The institute’s work has been pivotal in much of the restructuring of the Australian economy and its Director, Dr Peter Brain, is reputed as one of Australia’s most renowned economists. 

Craig earned his PhD in Economics at Monash University before joining NIEIR in 1999.

The strength of his economic skills led him to assume responsibility for the institute’s microsimulation models of household spending as well as considerable involvement in local area economic activity modelling.

He heads NIEIR’s team of six researchers and manages some of its larger clients. He is also called upon regularly for comment on radio and in newspaper interviews and writes regular articles in industry magazines. 

Craig’s strong analytical skills blend well with his warm personality to deliver an engaging and informative presentation.



John Taylor
  • Speaker
  • Seminar or conference facilitator

John Taylor may be best recognised as a member of early eighties Aussie band 'Little Heroes' who had a monster hit with 'One Perfect Day'.

"And tell me if it's still raining there in England…" are lyrics that would trigger memories in most audiences of that era.

But since those heady days of 'pop-stardom' John has been a performer of a different sort. He is a versatile facilitator and an inspiring speaker. He can connect with any audience on topics of universal interest such as 'Motivation / Inspiration', 'Stress management for busy people' and 'Looking at the bigger picture'.

He's been an animator, comedy script-writer and has written books and courses on self-empowerment.

He has recently produced a series of stress management CDs entitled 'Holiday @ your desk'.

John also speaks with authority on specialist topics in the creative arts - 'Story development and construction', 'Thinking outside the square' and 'Drawing skills'.

Speaking topics:

1. Self-empowerment - a fresh look at how to climb the corporate ladder without ass-licking until your tongue falls off.

Self-empowerment is about 'being true to you'. Self-programming usually dictates how you act or react in certain situations when people make demands on you and your time.

What is self-programming? How do you re-program yourself to achieve the 'real you' potential?

How do you recognise your 'Inner Martyr' while still delivering the goods? And how do you survive the journey of rebuilding your relationships with yourself, your workmates, your family and your friends. When you do, it's a win-win in the long run.

2. Staying focused - the circus attitude to getting it done

In your Big Top, where you are the Ringmaster, what are the distractions and why do you allow them to sidetrack you again and again? Where do these sideshow distractions come from and why?

You only complicate things by allowing these distractions to creep in.

Your show is the 'High-wire clown's lion-taming, fire-breathing ringmaster event' - the multi-talented individual's greatest challenge. You can't let the distractions creep in and take over your show. What can you do about it?

3. Do more by stopping: How to take a holiday @ your desk

What does 'taking a holiday' mean to you?

'Real' holidays can increase tension and pressure and put you in hospital. What you really need is a holiday that will re-habilitate, re-invigorate, re-focus and re-vitalise you - a 'Holiday @ your desk' at least once every day.

Just for a few moments you can take such a holiday …breathe the country air, put your toes in the water without getting your feet wet, and relax!

Its benefits are enormous, and you can do it without being re-trenched, re-assigned or re-located.



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