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'The M Powerer', our monthly e-newsletter, goes out in the middle of each month to a growing list of subscribers.

It is purposefully a quick read and covers all of the areas that M Power is involved in - communication, empowerment, individual effectiveness, organisational productivity, customer service, life balance and more.

'The M Powerer' was called 'm news' for five years and changed to mark M Power's fifth birthday in July 2006.

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Palm trees and margaritas

'Palm trees and margaritas', our newsletter about life, the universe and what really matters, is published on the last Friday of every month.

Think of this as a five minute 'time out' each month, just to pause and reflect about how you are doing in the scheme of things. Hopefully, there will be the occasional smirk or even giggle in it too.

I am at the beginning of the second half of my life, all going to plan. I am 41. With three kids at three different schools, football five times a week, various music lessons, medical appointments, a house to run and a career as a speaker, consultant and writer, I figure I know the 'balls in the air' life as well as anyone.

I have always been an optimist, sometimes excruciatingly so, and I try to find the gold lining (forget silver) in everything. What can I learn from this? How can I see this as a gift? I did say it could be excruciating! But my stage of life means - sadly - that my peers are getting medical problems and living with them or dying from them. Some have nothing wrong with their health but their 'just coasting' approach to life means they may as well have.

There is no gift in the disappointments of life or the failures of the human body other than the cliched reminder to 'seize the day'.

Life can't be all palm trees and margaritas, but there are worse game plans. It doesn't have to be all work and no play - to use another cliche - either.

This monthly missive is made up of tips, stories and reflections on seizing the day, or not, and on punctuating your life with palm trees and margaritas, whatever that means to you.

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The Business M Powerer Magazine

'The Business M Powerer Magazine' is our bi-monthly electronic magazine written for business owners and managers who want actionable advice on how they can empower their business (without the big consultancy fee).

'The Business M Powerer Magazine' will focus on public relations, advertising, marketing, communication and customer service and bring you advice, ideas, inspiration, interviews, tips and more.

As well as all of the articles, interviews and snippets, there will be a bonus 20 'M Powered Ideas' each issue, so over the course of six issues in a year there will be 120 actionable ideas or, put another way, a year's worth of expert public relations advice for much less than a couple of hours of my time.

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